Greater Peterlumbo Tenement

Investigator Resources hold the 583km2 Peterlumbo tenement within the southern Gawler Range Volcanics (GRV) of South Australia.

The southern GRV is prospective for low-intermediate sulfidation epithermal systems (Paris Ag – Pb deposit located within the Peterlumbo holding), Paleoproterozoic replacement style mineralisation (Menninnie Dam Pb – Zn – Ag deposit, located 5 km east of Peterlumbo), IOCG systems, skarn mineralisation (Helen East) and porphyry Cu – Au mineralisation (Nankivel prospect).

A regional drilling program in early 2022 tested several prospects, including Apollo (located 4 km northwest of Paris), where significant high-grade Ag mineralisation (7 m @ 700g/t silver from 150 m, including 4 m @ 1170g/t silver from 150 m) was intersected within basement sediments underlying rhyolitic volcanics (Figure.1). The mineralisation was identified as similar in style to that of the Paris Ag – Pb deposit. Another noteworthy feature is the presence of dolomitic sequences identified at depth, which are rarely seen outside of the Paris system. These factors combined, highlight Apollo as a significant asset in the Investigator portfolio.

An additional prominent target within the Peterlumbo tenement is the Ares target: a northwest structural corridor associated with a low gravity anomaly sub-parallel and to the north, of the Paris deposit.

The prospect was first drilled in 2014, intersecting shallow Au – Pb – Ag mineralisation. These results were followed up in 2021 drilling where additional Ag – Au intersections were returned; 3 m @ 0.6g/t Au (PPRC786), 7 m @ 31g/t Ag (PPRC787). An additional 17 holes were drilled at Ares in 2022 aimed at assessing geophysical targets and the extension of mineralisation intersected in 2021.

The exploration model utilised at Peterlumbo aims to target high-grade structures formed during regional-scale mineralising events related to the emplacement of the GRV, the timing of which is synchronous to that of the supergiant Olympic Dam deposit (1590 Ma). This model was proven successful in the discovery of prospects such as Diomedes and Ajax. However, idiosyncrasies in mineralisation styles are observed within the Peterlumbo tenement. This is seen at Helen East, a skarn-type system related to intrusive Hiltaba Suite granites, and more recently, the model of Archean ultramafic dykes hosting potential for nickel mineralisation.

Investigator Resources recently acquired an additional tenement (Yardea) northwest of the Peterlumbo tenement. This acquisition provides potential to explore for mineralisation along-strike of the Paris Ag – Pb deposit, and the recently discovered high-grade Apollo system.

Plan showing the location of 51 RC holes (~6,750m) to be drilled at targets adjacent to Paris.

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